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1 -12/2013 —
TELE-audiovision International —
• Largest Digital TV Internet forum in Brazil
• Reaches 400,000 readers every month
• Starting a new form of digital TV online shopping with a
video shop
• Also active in IPTV and IP Radio
Thank You from BSD
10 years of BSD was only made possible by the cooperation of everyone
who sent in satellite and terrestrial channel information. 10 years of BSD
was also made possible through the partnerships with the BSD portals who
supported all of the work. A special thank you to all the hobby friends,
antenna installers, technicians, engineers and satellite and TV channel di-
rectors. BSD is especially grateful to Gilson Teles for his news and reports
in the BSD SatClub forum, to Danilo Rodrigues for the programming of the
BSD website and to all the other IT workers and to Valdecir Adorno and
Francisco Crispim for their tireless work in the BSD SatClub forum satellite
channel section.
Marcos Benni
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