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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 1 -12/2013
Marcos Benni in his office.
He enjoys reading TELE-
audiovision that regularly
reports on Brazilian
companies - just like his own
company BSD.
New Concept
at BSD
The Brazilian Internet forum BSD
went online for the first time in October
of 2006 under the address portalbsd. The forum that deals with any-
thing and everything related to digital
reception is the brainchild of Marcos
Benni who himself is a very enthusias-
tic DXer. We introduced you to him and
his enormous 5.0-meter antenna in the
12-01/2012 issue of TELE-audiovision.
A lot has happened since then and the
10th anniversary of the forum provided
us with a good opportunity to find out
how BSD is doing today.
It turns out that Marcos Benni is
working on something new and big! He
moved into a brand new office and is in
the process of starting a new concept in
Internet business. „My idea is to intro-
duce the products in short videos. This
would make it much easier for anyone
interested to see what the products are
good for and where they can be used.“
To make this all as professional as pos-
sible, he set up a real TV studio in his
office. At the time of our visit, every-
thing was still under construction but
by the time you read this issue of TELE-
audiovision, should be
fully operational.
„I will be offering all products related
to digital TV, from satellite dishes, nor-
mal and fiber optic LNBs, up to cables
and all varieties of receivers and satel-
lite finders“, lists Marcos Benni known
Digital TV Internet Forum BSD, Brazil
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