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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 1 -12/2013
to everyone simply as Benni. But Benni
is also active in IPTV: „I have here an
IPTV showroom where customers can
see the technology live in action while
I explain how it works.“ Not only that,
IP Radio is also one of Benni‘s hob-
bies so he‘s able to offer the necessary
technology to anyone who‘s interested.
„Starting in October 2013 I will once
again be broadcasting Radio BSD over
the Internet, this time through Shout-
Benni set up everything he needs for
his activities in his new 140 Sq-meter
office. „With 400,000 visitors every
month of which 80% are from Bra-
zil, my forum is one of the largest in
the country“, says Benni referring to‘s impressive polling
Anyone who needs digital TV infor-
mation can get it from his forum. „I‘ve
installed several satellite dishes here
in my office that I use to watch every
receivable channel as well as keep the
news section in my forum up to date.“
Benni has a row of dishes ranging from
3.0-meter C-band dishes to smaller
Ku-band antennas. Benni in his office
is now living the dream of any satel-
lite DXer. With his new product-video-
based store he wants to take the suc-
cess of his Internet forum and apply it
commercially. We wish you the best of
luck over the next ten years!
You can see the parade
of dishes on the roof of
his BSD office from a
side street.
We first reported on Marcos Benni and his BSD Internet forum
back in the 12-01/2012 issue of TELE-audiovision. The full report
can be viewed here:
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