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1 -12/2013 —
TELE-audiovision International —
extreme distances that you couldn‘t do
with standard coax cable.“
This new system that can carry a sin-
gle satellite polarization level is further
enhanced with another new system for
fibre optic cables. „For our professional
systems we offer pre-made cables but
now you can get fibre optic cables from
us that can be fashioned by the installer
on-site easily and with very little effort.
We use cable with the same quality as
G657A2 cable except that it can be
prepared using an easier and less ex-
pensive splicing device.“ This would al-
low the installer to utilize precise cable
lengths by simply cutting them from a
roll of cable. This would be much easier
for the installer.
In upcoming issues of TELE-audiovi-
sion we will be highlighting the many
new GlobalInvacom FibreIRS products
in much more detail in product tests.
GlobalInvacom is even involved in the
area of reconverting the optical signal:
there will soon be new products here
as well.
Five years ago GlobalInvacom be-
gan moving in a direction away from
ancient coax cable technology towards
the future of optical signal transmission
with its enormous bandwidth and ex-
tremely low attenuation.
The technology of the future is being
offered by GlobalInvacom today.
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