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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 1 -12/2013
HDTV PVR Satellite Receiver with Media Center
A Receiver Full of
Outstanding Features
Who would have guessed
this: in the year 2002 two
resourceful programming
hobbyists began the devel-
opment of an alternate op-
erating system based on the
Microsoft Xbox game con-
sole. Today, 11 years later
and after a lot of develop-
ment work, the first receiv-
er from the company AB-
COM built around this new
software showed up on our
TELE-audiovision Test Cent-
er doorstep.
Naturally, a lot has hap-
pened over the past 11 years
and the Xbox Media Center
from way back then only has
a rudimentary role in what
we are experiencing today.
In the end there was not
only a massive change in the
hardware but, thanks to GPL
(General Public License), nu-
merous programmers also
had the opportunity to show
what they could do in regu-
larly improving and expand-
ing the system.
We here at TELE-audiovi-
sion have been wondering
for quite some time when
the first manufacturer would
take the first step and pro-
duce a receiver using the
Xbox Media Center as the
operating system.
As you can imagine, we
were especially thrilled to
test the new AB-COM re-
ceiver. When we unpacked
the box it became abun-
dantly clear that AB-COM
not only wanted to take the
software in a totally different
direction with their AB IPBox
Prismcube Ruby, its design is
also modern and exception-
ally elegant.
The easily-readable VFD
display is surrounded by a
discreet gray housing and,
along with the backlit Stand-
by button, has a futuristic
look to it. Behind a flap on
the front panel AB-COM in-
corporated a card reader as
AB IPBox Prismcube Ruby
Perfectly equipped receiver for multi satellite
reception as well as for Internet TV reception
from around the world
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