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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 1 -12/2013
Asmundur Einarsson has
been owner and General
Manager of ELNET since
2000. And we’re proud to
count him among our TELE-
audiovision regular readers.
Digital TV Wholesaler and Retailer ELNET, Iceland
Firmen Report
ELNET is a digital TV wholesaler
and retailer in Iceland and offers a
huge range of digital TV products at
its large 600 square meter premises.
This is the way business works in Ice-
land, according to General Manager
Asmundur Einarsson: “Iceland is a
large country, but has a population of
only 300,000 – this means you can’t
just focus on a niche market but must
be able to offer as wide a range as
Asmundur Einarsson is no man of
many words. Instead, he takes two
coax connectors and demonstrates
the obvious differences: One is used
for thick broadcast technology cables
and the other one is a mini-connector
as required by signal meters (see pic-
ture). This is living proof of the overall
range of products offered by ELNET,
ranging from small DVB meters to huge
DVB transmitters, so to speak. “We
are the local Rohde & Schwarz distri-
bution partner here in Iceland, and as
such were directly involved in rolling
out digital terrestrial television across
the country.” According to Asmundur
Einarsson, roughly half of all digital TV
transmitters in Iceland were supplied
by his company.
“Iceland’s special geography with lots
of mountains and valleys, and its low
population density with houses spread
out across large distances all call for
Large Premises
with Large and
Small Products
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