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1 -12/2013 —
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a very high number of transmitters
in relation to population covered. The
maximum transmission power is 500
Watts.” That’s what you’re faced with in
a huge place and only few people. And
it is one of the driving forces behind
Asmundur Einarsson’s optimistic busi-
ness outlook: “Signal distribution via
cable networks such as CATV or IPTV
only makes sense in urbanised areas.
All the remote areas will have to rely on
satellite reception and terrestrial distri-
bution in the future as well.”
ELNET was established back in 1982.
The original founder Örlygur Jonatans-
son then sold the business to Asmundur
Einarsson and has been teaching at a
public vocational school since. The new
owner Asmundur Einarsson had been
employed as a technician for many
years by Iceland’s two TV channels at
the time when Örlygur Jonatansson
offered ELNET for sale. “The business
1. Magnus Eyjolfsson is partner at ELNET and responsible for sales.
2. Inside the ELNET sales room: Advising a customer.
3. Large or small: A huge connector for transmission equipment right in the centre, with
a tiny coax connector, like the ones used for meters, placed in front. This picture speaks
volumes about the range on offer at ELNET.
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