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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 1 -12/2013
had a staff of two at that stage, and
satellite business was booming in those
years.” 2007 turned out to be ELNET’s
most successful year, and it was the
year in which the business moved to its
current location in the commercial area
of Kopavagur, a suburb of Reykjakvik.
“We achieved sales totalling 1.5 million
EUR in that year. Today it’s more like
one million, but at least business is sta-
ble, so we’re quite satisfied.”
The year 2000 saw the advent of a
business partner. Since then, Magnus
Eyjolfsson has been looking after sales,
above all. “We sell approximately 200
to 300 satellite dishes each year,” he
lets us know, “with the most popular
sizes being 85 cm and 1 m.” Yet, ELNET
also has 1.8 m antennas in stock and
even 3 m dishes are waiting for buyers.
Since 2011 ELNET has been offering fi-
bre-optic systems from GlobalInvacom
in addition to its standard range. “As far
as the price is concerned, the gap be-
tween conventional coax systems and
GlobalInvacom’s fibre-optic systems is
closing,” says Asmundur Einarsson and
predicts that “in one or two years the
tide will turn in favour of fibre-optic dis-
tribution systems.”
At any rate, ELNET is ready for the
future and will continue to service the
huge country of Iceland with all sorts of
products, both large and small.
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