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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 1 -12/2013
Satelliten DXer
Siddharth Gautam
in Bangalore
How far does
HOTBIRD’s footprint
actually go?
India and the European HOTBIRD
position at 13°E are not exactly a per-
fect match. How’s that? In a word, the
HOTBIRD footprint does not extend as
far as India. But then again, never say
never: Satellite DXer Siddharth Gau-
tam from Bangalore is a regular viewer
of channels broadcast from the HOT-
BIRD orbital position. If you take a look
at Bangalore on the map it’s obvious
that the capital of the province of Kar-
nataka is definitely out of footprint, so
how is Siddhart able to receive signals
“I use a 12-foot (3.65 m) antenna,”
Siddhart reveals. “The entire instal-
lation set me back some 350 euros.”
But that’s not the full story. If Siddhart
moves the dish he can even receive EU-
ROBIRD 9 and EUTELSAT 36B. “What
I found out is that it hardly makes a
difference whether I use an offset LNB
or a PFA LNB,” although prime focus
antennas (PFA) usually work best with
a PFA LNB. Siddhart has even set up
his own Internet forum by the name of
‘Dish Tuning’ which he uses to publish
his extreme reception experience:
Apart from keeping his Internet fo-
rum up to date, Siddhart also runs an
installation business. This provides
an excellent way of showing custom-
Siddharth Gautam in India
Siddharth Gautam’s
reception station
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