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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 1 -12/2013
49. File Manager
50. The Add-
ons contains an assortment
of Add-ons for music, video,
programs, service programs,
subtitles and pictures
51. Flickr Add-on
52. Subtitle Add-on
53. Apple iTunes Podcast
54. Even the libraries from
various TV channels can be
55. Vimeo Add-on
56. Photo viewer
57. The integrated music player
supports all the standard
58. Media access can take place
not only locally but also via
network (such as UPnP)
59. Display of UPnP servers
available via network
60. Playback of media files via
61. Access to the Greenpeace
62. The AB IPBox Prismcube
Ruby even provides access to
the Soundcloud music service
from that one channel.
Even though the new AB-
COM receiver runs using the
Xbox Media Center as the
operating system, at first
glance it doesn‘t look any dif-
ferent than any other stand-
ard receiver.
As usual, a push of the OK
button opens the channel
list that can be refined with
another push of a button to
show only channels from in-
dividual satellites, Favorites
lists or those that are en-
crypted. It‘s also just as easy
to sort the list alphabetical-
ly and if desired, all the HD
channels can be moved to
the top of the list.
If this new receiver is used
with a motorized antenna,
after a channel scan the
channel list will undoubtedly
be stuffed with hundreds if
not thousands of channels.
That would mean it‘d be time
to bring a little organization
to the list.
Thanks to the cleverly de-
signed menu, all you need
to do push the ‚i‘ button on
the remote control to access
a variety of channel editing
tools such as deleting, mov-
ing, renaming or locking with
a PIN code.
We also liked that the re-
ceiver blends in a functional
description of each of the
buttons so that user will al-
ways know what each button
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