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1 -12/2013 —
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1. The waterfall diagram shows
the spectrum encoded with
colours over a period of time.
If the antenna is rotated, it
is possible to clearly see the
individual satellites and their
transponders. Also, this gives
a clear indication on the signal
level of each satellite: in the
picture you can see that some
satellites have a very low
2. Deviser implemented an
additional visualization in the
S7000: a combined view of the
spectrum and the respective
waterfall diagram.
3. This is ideal to adjust the
antenna. The picture shows the
variation of the reception – this
allows to fine tune the antenna
for maximum gain.
4. This picture shots that
satellites located east show
a much better signal than
satellites in the west. This
means the inclination of the
motor is wrong.
5. After correcting the motor
inclination, all satellites are
received with a similar signal
6. The motor handling is
extremely well implemented
on the Devisor S7000. You
can choose between a fully
dedicated menu featuring all
required DiSEqC-commands
(1.0, 1.1 and 1.2), as well as
theSaTCR (Sat Cable Routing)
mode, used to provide the
satellite signal to multiple
users with a single cable.
7. Alternatively you can stay
in the spectrum modus and
rotate the dish using the DRIVE
option. When it is active, the
left and right keys are used
to rotate the dish, while the
up and down keys are used to
switch between a continuous
move and a stepped move. The
pictures shows the results of
the fine tuning – no doubts
it has never been as easy to
obtain the perfect alignment.
8. As a reward it is possible
to enjoy a bit of live radio
fromEutelsat W3A
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