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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 1 -12/2013
of analyzing the received
transponder stream to, for
example, check the PIDs
that were being used and to
measure eventual timing er-
This job is handled by
the S7000 effortlessly. You
merely have to activate the
ASI input to use the TV ana-
lyzer function with the TS
stream on the ASI input.
Numerous functions are now
available just like in normal
Tuner mode.
We could quickly deter-
mine if the stream really
consisted of all the desired
channels and services. It’s
interesting to note that the
IRD assigned new PIDs such
that they don’t correspond to
the PIDs of the original tran-
sponder. The S7000 showed
this instantly.
Finally, it also pays to per-
form a PCR measurement:
if the original satellite sig-
nal had no deviations (in the
green range), the stream
produced by the IRD was
perfectly synchronized with
the S7000’s clock generator.
If there was the smallest of
errors, they would have been
further multiplied through
additional signal distribution.
The Deviser S7000 is ideal
for all of these tasks.
PC Software
So, what software is load-
ed on the included CD? The
S7000 Toolbox (as the soft-
ware is called) lets you com-
fortably manage and edit
numerous transponder and
satellite lists. Additionally,
measurements stored in the
S7000 can be presented on a
PC. Not only that, measure-
ments can be stored in two
different ways.
For starters the current
screen image can be saved
as a picture. The measure-
ment values themselves can
be stored. These measure-
ment values could then be
displayed in the PC software
whereby more influence can
naturally be placed on the
presentation. This makes it
possible to generate profes-
sional inspection reports on
the computer. The technician
can copy all the measure-
ment data onto a USB stick
and hand it over to his office
colleagues who could then
create the reports.
In this way you don’t have
to do the actual work on the
S7000 leaving it free to be
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