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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 1 -12/2013
used on the next job.
The data (settings and
measurements) can be read
directly as a file from a disk
or via the integrated Ac-
tiveSync function via the
network from the analyzer.
Naturally, the files can be
copied the same way from
the PC back to the analyzer.
The underlying protocol is
actually the best FTP proto-
col and, thanks to the Wire-
shark network analysis tool,
the access data was quickly
determined: if needed you
can also copy the files back
and forth normally via FTP
where you provide the IP ad-
dress of the analyzer along
with the user name „ftpad-
min“ and the password „In-
It‘s important to operate
the FTP connection in Ac-
tive mode so that files can
be copied back and forth
more quickly. Damage can‘t
be inflicted to the device in
this way since only the User
Directory Plan, SaveBmp,
SaveData and Temp are
available via FTP.
The highlight of the S7000
Toolbox Software is the re-
mote control of the entire
analyzer! Via the unremark-
able „Remote Control“ but-
ton a new window is opened
that then displays the front
panel of the analyzer includ-
ing the screen. The mouse
can be used to „press“ all
of the virtual buttons just
like the real buttons and the
screen reacts just as fast as
on the real analyzer.
You can access all of the
functions via the network
without requiring any direct
access to the actual physi-
cal analyzer. Only the de-
modulated video/audio is
not passed on which is to
be expected considering
Toolbox Software
47. Incredibly, Deviser implemented
a remote access to the meter. All
you need is a network connection
to the meter to be able to fully
operate the S7000 remotely.
48. Everything shown on the
physical screen is rendered in real
time on the remote software.
49, 50. Even the TS analyser
function can be used this way –
only the live picture is obviously
not shown, due to bandwidth
limitations of the network.
51. If you have a smartphone, you
can do a VNC connection to the
PC running the Deviser Toolbox
software. This means that you can
climb to the roof with just your
phone and still use all functions
of the S7000. This is simply
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