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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 1 -12/2013
the bandwidth that would be
So the question then is:
why not leave the S7000 in
the house and only climb up
on the roof with a Smart-
The SmartPhone can be
linked to the PC via VNC
which can then be controlled
remotely. If the Toolbox
Software is started ahead of
time, the S7000 can then be
comfortably controlled via
the SmartPhone and thanks
to its touchscreen you have
access to all of the analyzer‘s
virtual buttons.
Just like that you have a
100g (1/4 Lbs) SmartPhone
in your hand and you can
hang out on your roof for
hours adjusting your anten-
na! How great is that?
Perhaps Deviser will even-
tually offer an App for An-
droid phones and/or iPhones
so that the S7000 can be
controlled directly without
first going through a PC.
Are there any
issues with
the analyzer?
A test in which no prob-
lems are found with a unit is
not possible; it would be an
indication that you haven‘t
adequately dealt with it.
Even so, there is essentially
nothing to complain about
with the S7000 so some ef-
fort had to be made to at
least come up with the fol-
lowing points:
• With analog CATV signals
the S7000 cannot display
any videotext. This isn‘t re-
ally critical since the analog
video signal can be analyzed
in Oscillator mode.
• In Spectrum mode you
can‘t overlay a current
spectrum with a previously
stored spectrum as a refer-
ence. This could typically
be used to align different
antennas exactly the same
and to compare the current
spectrum for a longer period
of time with the stored spec-
trum to determine if there
has been any deterioration.
Deviser could more than
likely add this function easily
with a firmware update.
• It was somewhat an-
noying that the S7000 auto-
matically reduces the range
of the spectrum based on
the incoming signal when
you switch to measure-
ment mode. As soon as the
spectrum is redisplayed, the
range has to be manually ad-
justed in order to once again
see the entire spectrum.
This is just a minor thing and
probably just as many us-
ers will appreciate this - it‘s
a typical case of: you can‘t
make everyone happy.
But these are all minor is-
sues. The Deviser S7000 is a
professional signal analyzer
for practically all TV stand-
ards. It is perfectly equipped
for any possible application.
Every possible measurement
is available. The analyzer is
very easy to use, it is ro-
bust and also comes with a
complete TV analyzer. The
measured values remove
any doubts and provide an
accuracy similar to other
high-end professional signal
What more could you ask
for? Perhaps, armed with the
S7000, you‘d hopefully want
to come across as many
complex situations as pos-
sible so that you could diag-
nose and correct them.
It‘s simply a lot of fun to
work with this outstanding
signal analyzer!
Battery and Inside Peek
52. The battery pack of the S7000 is easily accessible on the back
side of the meter. Two big screws need to be loosened up.
53. The cover plate can be removed, revealing the battery pack.
54. The battery back can be pulled by the two cords. It is a compo-
sed of a 10x AA battery pack.
55. We could not resist removing the cover of the meter to have a
peek inside. What we saw: a highly integrated and extremely well
built electronic equipment. Naturally we did not dare to further
disassemble the device, so this is the best insight we can provide.
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