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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest TV Box Magazine
— 1 -12/2013
480p, 576i, 576p, 720p 50
Hz, 720p 60 Hz, 1080i 50
Hz, 1080i 60 Hz, 1080p 50
Hz as well as 1080p 60 Hz;
nothing was left out. The
receiver even has an Auto-
matic Mode where it adapts
itself to the resolution of the
TV channel that is currently
being received plus a Native
by TV mode where the re-
ceiver adjusts itself to the
maximum resolution of the
The Mini HD supports the
DiSEqC Protocols 1.0, 1.1,
1.2 and 1.3 and is therefore
able to handle multifeed,
multifocus and/or motor-
ized antenna systems. The
receiver comes with 28 pre-
programmed satellites but
those satellites are limited
to European entries only; a
more expanded list would
be nice to have.
We appreciated the abil-
ity to increase the LNB volt-
1. The Amiko Mini HD Main
2. Every possibility is available
for editing the channel list
3. Individual channels can
easily be renamed
4. Installation Menu
5. Satellite Settings
6. If desired, the individual
PID values of a channel can be
7. With FastScan, all the
transponders from one of the
nine preprogrammed PayTV
Providers can be automatically
8. Auto DiSEqC Function
9. Calculation of the necessary
angle for antenna alignment
10. User Settings
11. Time Settings
12. A total of eight timer slots
are available
13. The output video signal can
be set to a maximum resolution
of 1080p HDMI
14. The user can customize the
15. Three integrated video
games pass the time during
age by 0.5V in those cases
when longer coax cable
lengths are used. The Auto
DiSEqC function could save
the day for the less-experi-
enced users. With its help,
the receiver can automati-
cally identify what satellite
is connected to the receiver
through which DiSEqC port.
Unfortunately, this is
where the limited pre-
programmed satellite list
comes into play; only those
satellites in the list can be
recognized. Testing this fea-
ture in Europe with the very
popular ASTRA and EUTEL-
SAT satellites showed that
it functioned perfectly. Less
popular satellites were not
On the channel scan side
of things, the user can run
a satellite scan, transponder
scan or blind scan. Of course
it’s the blind scan that we’re
particularly fond of: on the
HOTBIRD satellite at 13°
east it managed to find 1597
TV and 373 radio channels
in a mere six minutes. It’s
quite a satisfactory result.
Even on less popular satel-
lites such as SES4 at 22°
west, the blind scan feature
delivered acceptable results
with transponders using dif-
ferent symbolrates.
The FastScan Option is an
exceptional feature with the
Amiko Mini HD. It can be used
to read all the transponders
from one of nine prepro-
grammed European PayTV
providers. In our tests with
the Dutch CanalDigitaal, this
function worked without any
problems. In no time at all
every channel from a PayTV
provider will be presented
in the channel list without
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