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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 1 -12/2013
mant and can supply signals to two ad-
ditional receivers that are configured
for typical universal LNB.
As always with SPAUN products,
workmanship left nothing to be de-
sired. Everything was perfectly fin-
ished off and the descriptions on the
top cover precisely explained every
input or output function. Also the car-
rier frequencies were printed on the
top covers of the devices, so there
was no need to refer to the installation
guides (called Technical Advice) that
came with each product. The guides
provided all the required information,
specification of technical parameters
and application suggestions. Some
of the models require external power
supply. A plug type power supply unit
is included in the set of some models.
Those power supply units have vari-
ous plug adapters and are suitable for
a wide range of input voltages so you
can use them practically anywhere in
the world.
Additionally, some models from
SPAUN had 75 ohm terminators in-
cluded - to be used at the trunk out-
puts if they were not connected to the
next multiswitch in the particular sig-
In TELE-audiovision 09-10/2013 we presented two SPAUN SCR
multiswitches: SUS 5581/33 NF LEGACY & SUS 5581 F
nal distribution system. Do not forget
to use such terminators if you want to
achieve the best possible signal qual-
This time our test setup consisted of
an 85 cm offset dish aimed at HOT-
BIRD on 13° East and a Quattro LNB.
When measuring NFA devices, we ad-
ditionally used a 10 dB attenuator to
keep the input below the 80 dBμV limit.
Signal spectrum on single cable
outputs was in every case extremely
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