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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 1 -12/2013
49. EPG view
50. Various sorting options
of the channel list
51. Satellite selection
52. MP3 playback
53. Image viewer
54. Playing back an AVI test
55. Playing back a DivX test
events broadcast on chan-
nels appearing on the list.
Pressing the same button
once again then calls up
events coming up on the
currently selected channel.
If our opinion is anything to
go by, we can hardly think
of a more user-friendly EPG
A dedicated button on the
remote control gives all us-
ers of the S3700CHD an op-
tion to search for any chan-
nel by name. The on-screen
keyboard that appears on
the TV panel can either be
shown as a standard PC
keyboard or as an alpha-
numeric keypad like on tel-
During our simulated eve-
ryday use this new Icecrypt
receiver shined with its ex-
cellent responsiveness to
all commands sent from
the remote control. If you
look beyond the box’s great
looks, it’s easy to find out
why it is so very capable:
Apart from its 450 MHz CPU
it boasts a 2 MB NORE flash
memory, 512 MB of NAND
flash memory as well as 2
x 128 MB DDR random ac-
cess memory. All this adds
up to make the S3700CHD a
genuine powerhouse. Both
video and audio quality
are equally impressive and
leave nothing to be desired.
Added to that is a chan-
nel switching time of less
than one second, so that all
those sofa surfers out there
will quickly become chan-
nel zappers as well. HbbTV
content of channels offer-
ing that service can be used
to access multimedia librar-
ies, enhanced EPG data and
lots of channel-specific fea-
tures with the S3700CHD.
The PVR function of the
Icecrypt receiver allows
simultaneous recording of
two events, while a third
channel is being watched
live. We would have loved
to see this receiver record
three or even four events at
the same time, but please
make no mistake about it –
we’re complaining to high
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