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1 -12/2013 —
TELE-audiovision International —
56. The Sexview app can easily be downloaded from the app store
of Icecrypt receiver
57. On the Sexview website the user has to type in the registration
code generated by his receiver
58. Main menu of the Sexview app
59. The channel is child protected by a PIN
heaven here… Now that
we’re through all of the ba-
sic features and functions
of the new Icecrypt box we
should take a moment to
deal with the huge range
of extra features that offer
lots of added value. First
and foremost, we have to
mention the message func-
tion that is integrated in the
Icecrypt software: It can be
used by the manufacturer
to display important infor-
mation right on a user’s TV
Available software up-
dates can easily be an-
nounced this way, for ex-
ample. If this is the case
the update procedure is a
flawless and efficient af-
fair, and Icecrypt even
provides a change log with
extended information on
new features. What a great
benefit! Generally, the Ice-
crypt software has a clear
focus on usability and this
is underpinned by the digi-
tal user’s manual that can
be accessed right from the
receiver’s menu, together
with a list of frequently
asked questions. Remem-
ber the times when you had
to think about where you
had put the manual in the
first place, then dig it out of
a drawer or closet only to
take forever until you find
the specific section you’re
looking for? No more trou-
ble with the S3700CHD –
take the remote, press a
button and find the answer
right on your screen.
As far as integrated mul-
timedia features are con-
cerned the Icecrypt soft-
ware offers standard fare
such as a weather forecast
service, but also specials
like YouTube, Shoutcast
(Internet radio), Picasa
(pictures) and even access
to Russian pay TV provider
Kartina TV. Added to that
are a web browser (Op-
era), an FTP client and an
RSS newsreader. IPTV and
WebTV are also offered,
but in both cases we could
not find any pre-stored
channels, which means us-
ers need to manually set up
these services. Our thor-
ough test confirmed that
all built-in features work
smoothly and flawlessly,
no matter whether we’re
talking about a YouTube
video, a Shoutcast stream,
an RSS feed or a website.
After all, that’s what really
counts for end users.
Obviously, the S3700CHD
can be used for playing
back audio and video files
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