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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 01-02/2014
Multi Satellite Reception
If you live in a rented apartment
or in a condo the following might
ring bell: You prefer the endless
possibilities of satellite reception
over cable or terrestrial channels,
but you’re not allowed to install a
satellite antenna on your balcony,
let alone on the building’s facade.
If you believe you’ll be stuck with
that situation forever, we have
news for you. We’ve come up with
a real treat that should even im-
press the odd satellite DXer. But
let’s not get over-excited and
rather start right from the begin-
When I strolled through my local DIY
centre recently I also walked through
the satellite section, as I always do,
only to find out that stand-alone an-
tenna poles are way too expensive. 49
euros for a small piece of galvanized
steel? Come on!
Actually, I have one of those at
home already, and it does a brilliant
job for use on a balcony without hav-
ing to drill a whole into the existing
Antenna array on the balcony
– without your neighbour or
landlord having a clue
Vitor Martins Augusto
building structure. But let’s be honest,
multi-feed reception with a 60cm off-
set antenna is not exactly the perfect
solution and – come to think of it – I
originally wanted to receive a total of
four positions anyway: 28.2E, 19.2E,
13.0E and 30.0W. This requires at least
two antennas, and this was also why I
was on the lookout for a second pole
in the first place. One that I could use
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