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01-02/2014 —
TELE-audiovision International —
without permanent installation. Be-
cause my landlord would never allow
that. Period.
Disappointedly, I trotted away, pass-
ing a display of workbenches along
my way when all of a sudden my eyes
wandered towards this foldable base
which was meant to support a height-
adjustable table. This would do nicely
for hanging wallpaper, but in actual
fact my thoughts had long gone from
home improvement to something en-
tirely different: What if I turned that
foldable base by 90 degrees and used
it as perfectly suitable antenna poles
for four individual antennas? A quick
look at the attached price tag meant
that it could be mine for 23 euros, and
so a decision was taken on the spot.
Minutes later, I carried home an incon-
spicuous foldable base that would be
turned into excellent stand-alone an-
tenna poles. The base looked a bit low,
1. Existing stand-alone antenna
pole. Cost: around 40 to 50 euros.
2. Foldable base for DIY table. Cost
in the DIY centre: around 25 euros.
3. Create an improvised antenna
pole by turning the foldable base by
90 degrees.
4. Comparison of height and space
requirements of both solutions.
5. 60cm offset antenna: Barely fits
into available space.
though, and frankly I had some doubts
as to whether 60cm antennas could be
mounted on them at all. And whether
those antennas would actually allow
decent reception in the end.
As it turned out, it was a very tight
job with only a couple of centimetres
clearance between antenna and bal-
cony floor. Nonetheless, I had a signal
coming in, which proved that recep-
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