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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 01-02/2014
8. Antenna pole base
with a single prime
focus flat antenna:
Due to uneven weight
distribution the
set-up is still slightly
9. Adding the second
antenna: To make
sure the pole base
does not tip over
I continued with
position 3 rather than
position 2.
10. Once the second
antenna was installed
the base has become
sure-footed and
could not fall over
any longer. At this
stage it did not make
much of a difference
whether antenna 2 or
4 would be next.
11. Finished. With
each of the four
antennas taking its
space the overall
situation is quite
tight, but each
antenna has an
unobstructed line of
three antennas. Taking into account
the extremely low clearance between
the individual antennas I had to figure
out the best possible arrangement.
For position 1 I chose ASTRA2 (28.2E),
followed by ASTRA1 (19.2E) for posi-
tion 2, HOTBIRD (13.0E) for position 3
and finally HISPASAT (30.0W) for posi-
tion 4. This way no single antenna was
blocked by another one and – equally
important – antennas in the front were
not in the way of the two antennas be-
hind. What’s more, this set-up seemed
to be a logical choice to begin with.
With the help of professional signal
meter SPAUN SPAROS 609 precise
alignment turned out to be child’s play
and did not take more than 15 minutes
for all four satellites. Once I had com-
pleted that job I went about laying out
and tailoring the required coax cables.
The four cables from the antennas
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