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01-02/2014 —
TELE-audiovision International —
were first fed to a 4/1 DiSEqC switch
and from there to our AZBox ME test
receiver (see test report in TELE-satel-
lite 02+03/2012). The moment of truth
came when I initiated a channel search
on all four positions, which yielded a
total of 2230 TV channels and 442 ra-
dio stations. Unfortunately, the BBC
transponder on ASTRA2 did not come
in strong enough due to the small size
of the prime focus flat antenna. While
this did not come as a real surprise I
should mention at this point that the
position is very worthwhile nonethe-
less, with channels such as Channel4
HD, among others.
The entire set-up is lower than my
balcony wall and the adjusted 4-pole
base is extremely robust. When a ma-
jor thunderstorm moved through the
area the antennas did not even move a
single millimetre.
12. The SPAUN SPAROS 609 signal meter was
used to individually align each antenna. This
job did not take longer than 15 minutes, since
the first aligned antenna can be used as a
point of reference for the additional antennas.
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