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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 01-02/2014
13. Fully cabled set-up: Doesn’t take up much
space and is lower than the balcony wall.
14. Shown for comparison: An offset
antenna requires an extra 50 centimetres
for its feed arm.
15. Antenna array on a small balcony:
Even with restricted space available it was
possible to receive signals from all four
One of the huge benefits of the con-
struction is that the antenna array is
freely positioned on the floor with-
out any screws or additional fixtures.
A surface area of approximately 1.4
by 1.4 meters is occupied and total
height does not exceed 80 centime-
tres. With a distance of 1.2 meters
from the balcony wall I was able to
achieve perfect reception quality,
provided the view towards south is
unobstructed – but this is a general
rule for all antenna installations in the
northern hemisphere.
In order to fully check out the en-
tire antenna array I also moved it to a
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