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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 01-02/2014
much smaller second balcony. Thanks
to its southern exposure, it was once
again possible to catch signals with
all four antennas. And what’s more,
since the height of the balcony wall
is 30 centimetres higher than that of
the antenna construction, the array is
completely hidden from outside view.
There are other advantages as well:
Two persons can easily carry the
completed structure and if you turn
it by 90 degrees it even fits through
a standard balcony door. This means
the antenna array can be stored away
when not in use to free up balcony
Thanks to all four antennas be-
ing tightly attached to the base you
can also just move the whole thing in
any direction without having to worry
that the four antennas might need re-
alignment afterwards.
In actual fact, not even a signal me-
ter will be required: Simply move the
array until you have reception with one
antenna. The remaining three anten-
nas will then automatically be aligned
as well, since their positions towards
each other have not changed. I don’t
know about you, but to me that’s re-
ally clever…
As you can gather, I am totally over
the moon with this set-up. Obviously,
you could also go for two 60cm mul-
ti-feed offset antennas (antenna 1:
28.2E, 19.2E and 13.0E; antenna 2:
30.0W), but due to the ‘cross-eyed’
LNBs which would have to be used the
actual signal gain would be inferior to
this array.
16. A bird’s eye view reveals just how little
space is required for the antenna array.
17. A total of five antennas are positioned on
the small balcony – completely hidden behind
the balcony wall, yet perfectly suited for
state-of-the-art satellite reception and without
causing hassles with neighbours or landlords.
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