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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 01-02/2014
2002.“ Now the question was, what to do
with this software? They discussed this
amongst themselves; his father suggest-
ed a commercial distribution but Chris-
tian thought that because of his hobby it
should be distributed as freeware. In the
end they compromised: a light version
was made available for free and a Pro
version could be purchased for a moder-
ate price of 15 Euros. This price is still the
same today.
At the end of 2002 it became a little
more serious for this product that essen-
tially came about because of his hobby. A
PC card manufacturer came to the two of
them and offered to buy a dedicated ver-
sion of the software under license for his
PC cards. „Back then there simply wasn‘t
any software that was good enough to re-
ceive TV channels with a PC card.“
So, an especially stable running ver-
sion of DVBViewer was developed that
didn‘t have all of the features of the origi-
nal version and was only available from
the PC card manufacturer in a bundle
with the PC card: the DVBViewer TE.
Back then the software had to be
matched to each different type of PC
card. „In 2005 the Windows BDA drivers
became popular so we matched DVB-
Viewer to these drivers.“ This move led to
the breakthrough; now PC cards from ev-
ery manufacturer could work with DVB-
Viewer as long as these PC cards used
the BDA drivers.
Even more programming took place in
2005: „Up until then, DVBViewer was only
compatible with DVB-S. We expanded it
to include DVB-C and DVB-T as well as
ATSC and ISDB-T.“ And just like that,
there was nothing anymore to stop it;
demand grew and grew.
Bernd Hackbart, responsible for ad-
ministration and marketing, recalls, „Our
best year was in 2008 when our sales
were in the lower six-digit range.“ Since
then the market slowed down somewhat;
the number of downloads had pulled back
a little. But that didn‘t stop the DVB-
Viewer team - development work contin-
ued. Programmer Christian Hackbart: „In
2009 we added plug-ins for MHEG and
this year DVBViewer will also be suitable
for HbbTV.“
So where is the DVBViewer software
used the most? Bernd Hackbart has the
overview: „65% of DVBViewer users are
in Germany, 10% are in Scandinavia and
another 10% can be found in France and
Italy. Outside of Europe there are quite a
few users in China, including Hong Kong
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