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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 01-02/2014
and Taiwan with the remaining 5% in all
of the remaining countries.“ DVBViewer
has not had much luck in the USA since
the popular satellite operators use their
own proprietary technology there.
What future plans does the DVBViewer
team have? „Since 2006 we‘ve been of-
SatIPViewer for iOS
Also being developed: SatIP Viewer for
the Apple operating system iOS. Here
are some initial screenshots of the Beta
version for the iPhone.
First screenshots of the iPad version.
fering TransEdit as a plug-in. With it you
can analyze and record data streams.
Right now we‘re considering offering a
professional version of this software.“
The SatIP viewer is already available.
With it you can utilize the new SatIP tech-
nology. „For now this software is only
available for Windows; a MAC version is
being developed and versions for iOS and
Android are in the planning stages“, re-
veals Christian Hackbart. It‘s the last two
platforms that promise to be quite inter-
esting since the number of mobile device
users continues to rapidly increase and a
viewer program for this group should be
hugely successful.
In addition to DVBViewer development,
Christian Hackbart has been working
together with Lars Gehre on a program
called ‚Recording Service‘: „It can be
used to automatically record channels.“
Unfortunately, Lars Gehre passed away in
2013. Since then Christian Hackbart has
been continuing development on his own.
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