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01-02/2014 —
TELE-audiovision International —
It works like this: the software auto-
matically searches through the TV chan-
nel‘s EPG data and records all those pro-
grams that match the search keywords.
As an example, Christian Hackbart points
out that, „You can automatically record
movies with a specific actor or record
every movie that matches specific key-
words.“ The software can also recognize
reruns. „If the EPG data from a rerun is
identical to an original broadcast, the
software can recognize this and skip over
the rerun.“ Especially unique with the ‚Re-
cording Service‘ is that the PC being used
doesn‘t even have to be turned on: „With
a Wakeup Call the software turns on the
PC by itself, records the TV program and
then, after the recording is complete,
shuts down the PC automatically.“ In this
way it would be possible, for example, to
record your favorite programs even while
away on vacation.
Naturally, the DVBViewer team is quite
familiar with all of the new technologies.
Everything is set with a DVBViewer ver-
sion as soon as regular broadcasts in
H.265 (ultra high definition) start. The
DVBViewer team is continuously working
on software updates and adapting what-
ever new requirements come along. „By
the way, we can also program custom
versions for special requirements“, we
learned towards the end of our visit. If
you want to take advantage of the spe-
cial skills of the DVBViewer specialists, all
you have to do is contact them directly.
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