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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 01-02/2014
rethink the TV service in the rooms.
„Years ago PayTV or Pay Movies was
an interesting side business for hotels
but when we took a closer look at the
numbers, we found out that only two
hotels in our group still record a profit
from PayTV in the guest rooms.“ The
decision was obvious; whatever new TV
system would be installed, it would only
be an FTA-based system.
So, what could they do? Nick Kalsi
found the right partner in Neil Kumar
from the company Hypex. Neil Kumar
has been using GlobalInvacom‘s fibre
optic LNBs since 2009: „Since then
we‘ve set up more than 20 systems us-
ing these fibre optic LNBs.“ Neil Kumar
began planning for a new TV system
for the May Fair hotel with one specific
condition: complete reliability of the TV
service in each room. His right hand
man is Steve Cowling; he has been
performing installations for 25 years.
Together they‘re creating the plan for
a Hybrid system: „We had to consider
several important requirements. Since
the May Fair Hotel is typically booked
80 to90% of the time, one require-
ment was that we used the existing in-
frastructure in the rooms as much as
possible.“ This meant that the existing
coax cabling had to be included in the
new TV system plan.
„Another requirement was to include
as many channels as possible from the
Middle East and North Africa.“ This
meant satellite reception systems would
be needed for NILESAT and BADR. „The
third requirement was the integration
of the hotel‘s own information system
such as the hotel‘s own TV channel and
billing system.“ This requirement was
achieved using SAMSUNG‘s SmartTV,
however, it first had to be adapted for
use in the May Fair Hotel.
Based on all this Neil Kumar decided
on a Hybrid system: „For the necessary
satellite reception and the transmission
of the satellite and terrestrial signals
we opted to use the GlobalInvacom
fibre optic system. We used the exist-
ing coax cabling system to deliver the
signals to the rooms and therefore pro-
vided signal distribution on each floor
through multiswitches.“
The May Fair Hotel has more than 400
rooms including 12 suites. „We couldn‘t
afford to experiment here; we decided
therefore to initially test our new Hy-
brid system.“ A real system equipped
with four SAMSUNG TVs was set up at
Hypex. The system was monitored over
the course of four months to see how it
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