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01-02/2014 —
TELE-audiovision International —
1. A peek in Suite 901’s living room. For about
4000 British Pounds a night you get an enormous
living room, two large bedrooms each with its own
bathroom, a kitchen as well as a balcony with a
fantastic view overlooking London. And let’s not
forget, there are also three TVs.
2. A look from Suite 901’s balcony. In the background
can be seen the “London Eye”. Stars and the super
rich stay in this suite at the May Fair Hotel.
behaved. „We could not detect any sys-
tem dropouts.“
The first hotel in the Radisson chain
to be fitted with the new Hybrid sys-
tem was the 100-room Edwardian Sus-
sex Hotel. „The system operated 100%,
there was no downtime.“
When it became clear that the tech-
nology of fibre optic LNBs and fibre
optic signal distribution to each floor
and the subsequent signal distribution
to each room using the existing coax
cable all functioned perfectly, the ret-
rofitting of the May Fair Hotel was the
next target.
„In January 2013 management de-
cided to convert the May Fair Hotel to
the Hybrid system and in April 2013 this
conversion was successfully complet-
ed.“ Since then the guests in the ho-
tel haven‘t complained about any more
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