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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 01-02/2014
dropouts. „The most important thing is
the satisfaction of our customers“, em-
phasizes Nick Kalsi.
Hypex‘s Neil Kumar, who created the
technical design of the hybrid system,
highlights another aspect of the fibre
optic system that from the practical
side of things is extremely important:
„With the FibreIRS system a change in
plans is not a problem at all. For ex-
ample, the installation of the four sat-
ellite antennas was originally planned
for one of the corners on the roof. With
relatively short notice it was decided
that the installation had to take place
on the opposite end of the roof. With
conventional technology we would have
first had to revise the entire plan, but
the optical LNBs give us great flexibility
allowing us to immediately implement
this change.“
Even during the upgrade work there
were unforeseen changes to the instal-
lation location but since cable lengths
are not a factor in fibre optic systems,
these changes did not create any prob-
lems. “You don’t often think about the
great flexibility of a fibre optic system,
3. If you don’t feel like watching TV,
you can choose from a huge variety of
music titles and listen to it all over the
built-in 5.1 sound system.
4. If you brought your own CDs you
can simply insert them in the Bose
player. You can even plug in your MP3
player into the Bose player.
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