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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 01-02/2014
customers in their international pro-
gramming packages. 25 of these chan-
nels, though, must first be processed, for
example, converting them from one TV
standard to NTSC or they are part of a
multiplexed group of channels where the
other channels are not needed. Some
channels might even be redistributed
with a time delay to make the program-
ming more appropriate for viewers in the
This includes channels not only from
China and Taiwan but also from India,
Pakistan, Korea, Vietnam, the Philippines
and even Australia. That‘s why TigerTech
named their warehouse in Los Angeles
„TTM“, for „TigerTech Media“, since the
control center for the processing of these
channels can be found in a small room in
this warehouse.
All of the processed channels are rout-
ed from here to DISH in Denver. Almost
as a side job, TTM also delivers some
TV channels to cable operators and ter-
restrial TV stations such as Channel 18
and Channel 44 in Los Angeles. These
stations broadcast Chinese and Korean
programming. Even ICN (we reported on
them in the 09-10/2012 issue of TELE-
audiovision) receives some TV channels
from TTM from this room.
So this is how from behind the scenes
a large company like TigerTech is able to
provide for the smooth running of one
of the largest programming providers in
the world. TigerTech is the Hidden Cham-
pion behind DISH in the USA.
A look in TTM's media room. This is where
the optical lines carrying the Asian TV
channels end up, are processed and then
further distributed to DISH.
One of the TV channels that DISH includes in one of their many international programming packages: a business news channel from
Taiwan that passes through TTM's media room before reaching DISH.
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