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Sao Jose
dos Campos
TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 01-02/2014
After ten years
in the making,
a dream has
(almost) come true
Flavio Pairol had his first encounter
with satellite reception back in 1984 in
Mexico. “At the time I was employed by
large multi-national corporation Philips
which was in the process of setting up
a production plant for TV sets. Some
members of staff in charge of the con-
struction project were from the United
States and in order to watch US channels
in Mexico they set up large satellite dish-
es in their housing areas.” This is when
Flavio Pairol caught his first glimpse of
channels such as CNN and Playboy via
satellite. For him, one thing was for sure:
“I want to watch that at home, too!”
Nonetheless, Flavio Pairol had to test
his patience until he was able to buy his
first mesh antenna in 1993: “I remember
that it set me back 100 US dollars, but
at least that amount also bought me an
LNB and a receiver.” With this equipment
he was able to receive channels broad-
cast from the recently launched BRASIL-
SAT – which, unfortunately, did not carry
Satellite DXer Flavio Pairol, Brazil
Flavio Pairol loves to watch Russian
channels. He can receive EXPRESS AM44
at 11° W with his satellite antenna. Russia 1
and Planeta RTR are transmitted from that
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