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01-02/2014 —
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4. Flavio Pairol re-enacts how he
accidentally discovered a trick
for receiving circular signals.
He was adjusting the feed and
by chance placed a screwdriver
vertically in front of the freed
– all of a sudden he obtained a
clear signal.
5. He then reasoned that a metal
bar or rod must have the same
effect as his screwdriver and
thus invented his own solution
for receiving circular signals.
6. Using this construction with
two actuators, Flavio was able to
receive signals from the inclined
EXPRESS 14°W. He could even
make money with this invention
by selling such systems to
emigrants from Russia in Brazil.
7. Sometimes it doesn’t take
a lot to achieve a lot: Flavio
discovered that a slightly longer
feed horn can improve reception
by about 2 dB.
8. Flavio designed a multi-
LNB feed for a C band LNB for
circular polarisation, and one
for linear polarisation and the
Ku band. The feeds are arranged
precisely along the orbital axis,
so that whenever the antenna is
rotated, the LNBs always point
right to the respective satellites.
9. Flavio came up with a similar
multi-LNB feed for circular and
linear Ku band LNBs and a linear
C band LNB – as seen here on
his 2.6-meter antenna.
10. The same multi-LNB feed
with closed weather protection.
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