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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 01-02/2014
Satellite Receiver
Satellite Receiver
for Every Situation
At 25.5 x 17.5 x 4.5cm the
new Skyworth HS1H014 is
nice and small and will eas-
ily find a place near your TV.
The front side is highlighted
by its elegant design and ex-
tremely easy-to-read VFD
display. A total of eight but-
tons to control the receiver
without a remote control
were included by the manu-
facturer in such a way that
they are not in the way.
Behind a flap there‘s an in-
ternal card reader for those
with a PayTV SmartCard and
also a CI slot that is compat-
ible with all the typical mod-
The rear panel consists of
two tuner inputs along with
their corresponding looped-
through outputs, an HDMI
jack, two RCA jacks for ste-
Skyworth HS1H014
East-to-use receiver
for the entire family
Asian satellites along with
the associated transpond-
er data has been prepro-
grammed into the receiver
by Skyworth.
Unfortunately, this list
is somewhat out-of-date.
But this really isn‘t a prob-
lem at all; additional satel-
lite entries can be manually
added. The most often used
LO values are already pre-
programmed such that LNBs
for the C-band and Ku-band
as well as SCR LNBs can all
be used. We were happy to
see that the DiSEqC proto-
cols were integrated in the
receiver including the DiSE-
qC 1.2 and 1.3 motor control
As far as channel scan-
ning goes, the new Sky-
worth HS1H014 offers an
automatic scan of one or
more satellites as well as a
manual transponder scan. In
all three of these modes the
scan can be limited to freely
receivable TV or radio chan-
A regular scan of HOTBIRD
at 13° east needed about
five minutes to complete and
yielded 1502 TV and 471 ra-
reo audio, an RS-232 inter-
face, two USB interfaces, an
RJ-45 network port, an op-
tical digital audio output as
well as a main power switch.
The buttons on the lower
portion of the remote con-
trol are bunched somewhat
close together making it a
little harder to use.
After turning on the re-
ceiver for the first time, the
user lands in the Main menu
and cannot exit until a suc-
cessful channel scan has
been performed. Since this
is a twin tuner receiver the
very first thing to do is de-
termine if both tuners will
be fed with the same signal
or if it will be two entirely
different signals. In other
words, will the satellite sig-
nal be looped through from
the output of tuner #1 to the
input of tuner #2?
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