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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 01-02/2014
dio channels. In contrast the
BlindScan of the same satel-
lite was finished in six min-
utes and ten seconds and
outperformed the regular
scan by finding 1589 TV and
504 radio channels.
With so many channels
scattered all over the chan-
nel list in no particular order,
as a user you‘d like to be able
to bring some order to this
chaos and confusion. The
Skyworth HS1H014 comes
with numerous capabilities
to do just that; the channel
list entries can be deleted,
moved, renamed, locked out
with a PIN code or relocated
to one of the 32 Favorites
lists. The sorting function
turned out to be quite prac-
tical here as well; channels
can be sorted alphabetically,
by CAS/FTA or by locked/not
The HS1H014 can present
the output signal in 480i,
480p, 576i, 576p, 720p
50Hz, 720p 60Hz, 1080i
50Hz, 1080i 60Hz, 1080p
50Hz, 1080p 60Hz and an
automatic mode that adjusts
itself to the maximum pos-
sible resolution of the at-
tached TV.
As is now common with
almost every modern satel-
lite receiver, the HS1H014
also comes with a network
interface that, when con-
nected to a local router,
can provide Internet access
to the receiver. The neces-
sary IP data can be entered
manually by the user or be
recognized automatically via
HS1H014‘s on-screen display
(OSD) presents itself as be-
ing very well organized and
well thought out. The Info
bar that appears momen-
tarily after every channel
change shows the title of the
current and upcoming pro-
grams. If desired additional
EPG information is also avail-
able. The full EPG display
was a real pleasure; it can
show the data from a single
channel or from a group of
five channels in grid format.
Since this is a PVR receiver
we naturally had to test and
see if timer entries could be
programmed directly from
the EPG; this is something
that for us is an absolute
must-have. There are eight
timer slots available and a
daily repeat recording is also
A push of the OK button
activates the channel list. It
offers not only the ability to
group by provider, HDTV or
specific encryption system,
thanks to dedicated function
buttons on the remote con-
trol you can also very easily
limit the channel display to
individual satellites or Fa-
vorites groups.
During everyday use the
new Skyworth box shines
with its speedy channel
switching times of less than
a second and its very sensi-
tive tuner that could easily
handle weaker signals like
those on ABS1 at 75° east
as well as SCPC channels like
45° west with a symbolrate
of 1.852 Ms/sec.
The HS1H014‘s PVR fea-
1. The Skyworth HS1H014's
Main menu
2. Antenna Settings
3. Both of the HS1H014's tuners
can be operated in different
4. The HS1H014's satellite
list. Only those marked with a
heart will appear later on in the
receiver's menu entries
5. DiSEqC 1.3 settings
6. LOF settings
7. Scan of a satellite with the
help of the preprogrammed
transponder data
8. BlindScan of a satellite
9. Regular scan of HOTBIRD at
13° east
10. BlindScan of HOTBIRD at
13° east
11. 1589 TV and 504 radio
channels were found by the
12. The channel list can be
edited in many different ways
13. Renaming a channel
14. System settings
15. OSD Language selection
1...,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21 23,24,25,26,27,28,29,30,31,32,...228
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