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Alexander Wiese,
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TELE-audiovision was established in 1981 and today is the oldest, largest and most-read digital tv trade magazine in the world.
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TELE-audiovision, Postfach 1234, D-85766 München-Ufg
Alexander Wiese (verantwortlich) Anschrift wie Verlag
TELE-audiovision Magazine GmbH, Aschheimer Weg 19, D-85774 Unterföhring
Inhaber: Alexander Wiese, Verleger, Unterföhring
Alexander Wiese (verantwortlich), Anschrift wie Verlag
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Dear Readers,
In this issue of TELE-audiovision we are introducing a
number of surprising new developments. For example,
we have a report on a product that lets you carry TV
signals over a network cable. With that, all of the old
ideas vanish, for example, the thought that if you’re
carrying TV signals, you’d better use the proper coax
cable. This statement is no longer true; you can now use
cable that was never meant to be used for that purpose.
Another example is a miniature antenna that you can
position any way you want to; we are introducing it here
in a test report.
Yet another example is a filter that can reduce the
potential errors in an SCR network to zero. These are
all new products that go to show that beliefs that have
been held for quite some time don’t always last forever.
And you can never be sure if some new development or
new product opens up possibilities that had never even
been considered before. Even something as common as
“F” connectors can be surprisingly improved as you’ll see
in another test report in this issue of TELE-audiovision.
Even with digital TV receivers there’s no end to innovative
creativity. You might think that everything that could
have been invented has already been invented but as
you’ll see in this issue we’re once again reporting on
something uncommonly new: the automatic generation
of channel lists based not only on your own viewing
habits but also those of other viewers.
Will there ever be an end to surprising new developments?
Not a chance. It will always be possible to build on
something that already exists.
It’s a never-ending process; every new idea leads to yet
another new idea. There’s no end to it and that means
that TELE-audiovision will always have something new to
introduce. There’s no end in sight!
Alexander Wiese
Editor-in-Chief TELE-audiovision Magazine
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