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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 01-02/2014
Satellite Receiver with Ad Blocker
Intelligent TV for the
German-speaking TV Market
Fernsehfee 2.0
A unique new way
to enjoy your favorite channels
avoiding ad breaks
erating system the manufac-
turer chose Android 4.0.4.
We were also pleased to see
that an appropriate WiFi chip
was not left out either; it lets
the Fernsehfee communicate
with your local router.
The Fernsehfee manufac-
tured by TC Unterhaltung-
selektronik AG is an An-
droid-based DVB-S2 satellite
receiver that is highlighted
by two special functions: on
the one hand there‘s an Ad
Blocker that can recognize
commercial breaks while on
the other hand there‘s a Per-
sonal TV function. Both of
these functions are currently
only optimized for German-
language TV programs.
The box measures just 13
x 13 x 3 cm (5.1 x 5.1 x 1.2
inches) and comes in a sleek
black housing. There are no
buttons on the front panel
that would disturb the re-
ceiver‘s serenity, but, unfor-
tunately, the user also has to
do without a front-panel sta-
tus display.
The only button on the
box, namely the on/off but-
ton, can be found on the top
of the housing and includes
an LED.
On the sides of the Fern-
sehfee you‘ll find four USB
ports, an SD card reader as
well as a CVBS/stereo audio
The rear panel is domi-
nated by the satellite IF in-
put and its looped-through
output. But here you‘ll also
find an HDMI port, an RJ45
network interface, a coaxial
digital audio output as well
as a jack for the external
power supply.
Just like the receiver itself,
the included remote control
is also just as elegant. We
were also quite impressed
when we had a look at the
technical data sheets: The
Fernsehfee is powered by
a 1GHz Cortex CPU, 1 GB
DDR2 memory as well as
4GB Nand Flash. For the op-
After taking care of the
initial installation, the user
lands directly in the Main
menu and if you‘ve ever held
an Android Smartphone in
your hands, you‘ll feel right
at home. The user is thus
able to enjoy the Android
features but is also able to
set up the Fernsehfee App so
that it loads right after turn-
ing it on.
Before we begin put-
ting this special App to use,
here‘s a tip: if you want to
be able to use the box‘s fea-
tures outside of the Fern-
sehfee App, we recommend
connecting a separate key-
board and mouse to the box.
For this purpose we used a
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