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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 01-02/2014
Logitech K400 wireless key-
board with an integrated
trackpad. This makes utiliz-
ing the box‘s functions much
easier and quicker compared
to the remote control.
After setting up the Fern-
sehfee to our personal
needs, the Fernsehfee App
can be started so that we
can now enjoy watching TV.
Since the Fernsehfee can
provide a very complete TV
viewing experience (more
on that later in this test re-
port), the manufacturer rec-
ommends opening up a free
account through their own
de). This would allow you
to store and edit your per-
sonal box settings on the
provider‘s server plus you‘d
be able to utilize a wide va-
riety of features as well as
have the ability to remotely
access the box. After regis-
tering, you merely have to
enter your login data in the
box and just like that, you‘re
ready to go.
Even though the Fernse-
hfee has its own integrated
DVB-S2 tuner that at first
glance resembles a standard
satellite receiver, you should
ignore that train of thought;
this box is nothing like a
standard satellite receiver.
But let‘s not get ahead of
ourselves. Before you can do
anything, you have to tell the
box what satellites you can
receive with your antenna
The manufacturer had the
presence of mind to prepro-
gram the unit with the six
most important European
satellites: ASTRA 19.2°,
ASTRA 23.5° east, ASTRA
28.2° east, ASTRA 4A 4.9°
east, HOTBIRD 13° east, EU-
42° east.
during our tests we did not
find a way to add additional
satellites. This limits the in-
stallation of the Fernsehfee
functions to central Europe
which actually is logical
considering that the actual
Fernsehfee functions are
currently only available for
German-language TV chan-
For reception of multiple
satellites the manufacturer
claims that the DiSEqC pro-
tocols 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3
are all supported, however,
during our tests we were
only able to activate DiSEqC
And don‘t waste your time
looking through the menus
for a channel scan function;
instead the box loads a com-
plete channel list for the six
satellites directly from the
TC Unterhaltungselektronik
AG‘s servers. The advantage
here is that there‘s always
a totally up-to-date channel
list available for the user but
at the same time it prevents
reception of any other satel-
We also didn‘t find a way
to edit the LOF settings for
individual satellite entries in
the Fernsehfee App nor did
we find a way to use SCR
single cable solutions. If you
need these features or if you
1. WiFi network settings
2. Audio settings
3. HDMI video signal
4. During the initial
installation the size of the
picture can be matched to
your TV
5. Apps settings for the
Fernsehfee App
6. Numerous Fernsehfee
settings can be synchronized
with the manufacturers
7. Synchronization of the
settings and data
8. Numerous basic Android
system settings correspond
exactly to Smartphones and
9. Overview of the factory-
installed Apps
10. The File Browser can
be used to access local
multimedia content
11. Music player
12. Video player
13. Internet browser
14. Photo viewer logo
15. The Fernsehfee App is
the central component of the
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