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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 01-02/2014
example, display movie or
sports programming without
any undesired results from
other categories.
Personal TV can do even
more: you can provide your
interests in the smallest
detail to the manufactur-
ers website (such as, ball
games, comedy series, polit-
ical dramas, cartoons, etc.).
You can even identify your
favorite actors or directors
to the website.
All of this information is
then directly transferred to
the Fernsehfee where it is
processed with the TV chan-
nels EPG (that is available
for up to three weeks in ad-
vance) so that a customized
channel list is created with
all of your desired channels.
With so many design op-
tions, we couldn‘t wait to see
the first picture on the TV
so that we could finally start
our tests.
It took us no time at all to
get used to the Fernsehfee‘s
operational concept; the lon-
ger we played around with it,
the more fun and pleasure it
gave to us.
We especially liked the in-
tegrated EPG that was avail-
able in the modes Fernsehfee
EPG, TV Pilot and Sat EPG.
While the Sat EPG merely fo-
cuses on the data provided
by the broadcasters on the
satellite and always shows
just one channel, the Fern-
sehfee EPG displays the pro-
gramming from nine chan-
nels at the same time for
several weeks in advance in
a grid format. The TV Pilot
EPG shows only those favor-
ite channels and provides an
overview of the highlights of
the day.
The Fernsehfee‘s best
feature is the integrated Ad
Blocker that allows the box
to recognize commercial
breaks and automatically re-
act to it. The box can be set
to mute the audio or switch
to another channel as soon
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