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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 01-02/2014
as a commercial break is de-
tected. When the commer-
cial break comes to an end,
the box turns the audio back
on or switches back to the
original channel.
In our tests, this function
worked perfectly on all of the
German language channels.
But the question is, how
does it work?
It‘s actually surprisingly
simple: the employees at
TC Unterhaltungselektronik
AG monitor all the channels
manually and then submit
the commercial breaks to
the Fernsehfee customers.
Even though this method
doesn‘t sound all that tech-
nologically advanced, the
reliability of the system that
we demonstrated during our
tests ultimately proves the
manufacturer right.
According to official data,
the Fernsehfee Ad Blocker
covers up to 99% of all the
German-language channels,
and we can confirm this val-
We also really liked the
fact that any channel that
currently has commercials
running on it are identified in
the channel list by a red dot.
This makes it extremely easy
to see ahead of time which
channels to surf through and
which ones to avoid.
The Fernsehfee is not PVR
compatible as shipped from
the factory, but have no fear,
you can simply download a
plug-in from the manufac-
turers website to turn the
Fernsehfee into a recorder.
Thanks to the available
USB ports and the SD card
reader there is nothing to
stop you from connecting an
external storage device.
We were able to record one
channel at a time in our tests
without any problems; multi-
ple simultaneous recordings
46. Individual online portal at
47. The settings of the Fernsehfee features can also be changed
48. Recorder programming via Internet
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