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Jacek Pawlowski
Test Center
FLEMO by Yagi
UHF Terrestrial Antenna
TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 01-02/2014
MER 24 dB. The FLEMO’s
noise margin was 2.7 dB
which means that even in
slightly inferior weather con-
ditions it should guarantee a
solid reception.
Finally, we changed the
configuration of the FLEMO
to the omnidirectional mode
by folding its flexible arms.
The output signal dropped
down by about 3 dB and TV
reception was practically on
the edge. This means using
the FLEMO in omnidirectional
mode only makes sense if it
is used close to a transmit-
ter site or of the transmitter
itself is very powerful. Nor-
mally, the flat (dipole like)
configuration of the FLEMO is
a better choice.
Our tests revealed what
we expected – due to physi-
cal realities (dimensions) -
the FLEMO can not produce
results comparable to a big
external wideband antenna.
However, the FLEMO can
yield much better results
than a random narrow band
yagi-style antenna; even if
such a antenna is much big-
ger than the FLEMO. The
FLEMO is indeed designed in
a very perfect way.
After our measurements
we can say that the FLEMO
can perform well up to about
20 km distance from a 50 kW
transmitter working at a fre-
quency in the UHF range of
500-600 MHz.
Small and very simple to install
Excellent to connect at USB terrestrial tuners for laptops or
desktop PC
Easy installation for horizontal and vertical polarization
FLEMO‘s usage is limited to locations where the terrestrial TV
signals are strong
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