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We presented the DS2400T professional meter in TELE-satellite
09-10/2012. The new version of this meter now also supports
DVB-T2 signals. All remaining features and functions remained
untouched and are dealt with in our previous test report:
TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 01-02/2014
even though our large outside antenna
maxes out on reception as far as possi-
ble. A look at the constellation diagram
for this frequency looked like a shot in
the dark: dots without a clear focus and
lying far apart in different squares. No
wonder we could hardly achieve recep-
tion. The DS2400T, however, helped us
optimise our antenna’s alignment so
that the signal quality could be slightly
improved. Nonetheless, the overall sig-
nal was too weak for reliable and inter-
ference-free reception.
The new DS2400T from Deviser with
its DVB-T2 compatibility is absolutely fit
for future use and ready for DVB-T2 re-
ception, which will be rolled out in many
countries in the near future.
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