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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 01-02/2014
F Connectors for Coax Cable
High-Quality „F“ Connectors
for Professional Applications
We here at TELE-audio-
vision are always happy to
see companies go against
the general trend towards
cheaper, lower-quality mass-
produced products and still
manage to be economically
An excellent example of
this is the company Perfect-
Vision out of Little Rock, Ar-
kansas in the USA. Founded
by Terry Fleming in 1979,
the company today has sales
totaling roughly $400 mil-
lion a year with their line of
F Connectors for Coax Cable
Ideal solution for perfect
coax cable connections
coax cable, connectors, test
equipment and accessory
products in the telecommu-
nication industry.
In their more than 30
years of existence, the com-
pany can boast over 25 dif-
ferent patents - this number
all by itself highlights how
innovative this company is.
The number one objective
of this company is to pro-
duce and market high qual-
ity products in large quanti-
ties at affordable prices.
Naturally, PerfectVision
has all of the necessary con-
trol processes already in
place, such as, continuous
quality control during pro-
duction, strict inspection of
all the incoming raw materi-
als as well as accurate trace-
ability of each product.
In order to be able to
prove this to the customer,
PerfectVision adheres to
all of the following national
and international standards:
ISO 9001, ISO 2000, ISO
140000, UL E341555, UL
E342531, UL E343972, UL
PV100 installation tool
VT200 installation tool
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