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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 01-02/2014
In our tests we were able
to successfully test all the
without any problems.
And the two installation
tools left us with an excep-
tionally solid and high-qual-
ity impression.
This was not only con-
firmed during the course of
our tests, the quality of the
connectors and the installa-
tion tools far exceeded our
Next we‘ll present the in-
dividual connectors that we
tested in much greater detail
as well as exact product fea-
PV6-PV: This „F“ connec-
tor fits on any triple shielded
75 Ohm coax cable and pro-
vides a good hold on the ca-
ble thanks to its well thought
out construction. The ribbed
center ring provides the user
with a solid grip of the con-
nector. The PV6-PV is de-
signed to be used in the 2
MHz to 3 GHz range and its
shielding is rated at around
-90dB. Since this connector
is manufactured to the SCTE
standard, it can be used not
only indoors, it can also be
used outdoors thanks to
its weather resistance and
moisture protection.
PV6UE-05: Thanks to its
slightly larger size, this „F“
connector can be easily used
with somewhat stronger tri-
ple shielded 75 Ohm coax ca-
ble. Of course, the PV6UE-05
is also manufactured to the
same SCTE standard and is
thus also perfectly suitable
for use in outdoor applica-
Thanks to the secure O-
rings the manufacturer
achieves the highest pos-
sible integrity that protects
the coax cable‘s inner con-
ductor as well as the wire
mesh shielding from dirt and
moisture. This connector is
nickel-coated (as is the PV6-
PV) to help protect it from
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