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Thomas Haring
Test Center
Perfect Vision
F- Connectors for Coax Cable
01-02/2014 —
TELE-audiovision International —
PerfectVision offers an exceptionally large assortment of „F“
connectors for all different types of coax cable as well as the
necessary high-quality installation tools. The workmanship as
well as the materials reflect the highest standards and are there-
fore a ‚must have‘ for every professional installer.
with, the PV6UE-UM is com-
pletely nickel-plated while
the PV6U-EUR has a center
ring made out of plastic.
Compared to a metal ring,
this - coupled with its ribbed
surface - has the advantage
of providing the installer with
a better grip on the connec-
tor while working.
In addition the opening
through the PV6U-EUR‘s in-
ner ring is somewhat larger
making it especially suitable
for heavy shielded coax ca-
Both connectors are suit-
able for use in the 2 MHz to
3 GHz range and the shield-
ing is rated at better than
Besides „F“ connectors,
PerfectVision also offers two
ideally suited versions of
their installation tools.
The PV100 is designed to
be used with RG6 connec-
tors like the PV6UE-05 but
will also work with any other
connector that has a com-
pression depth of 21mm
(about 0.8 inches). All of the
„F“ connectors we tested
corresponded to this type of
The PV100 is characterized
in particular by its high qual-
ity workmanship; it is made
from steel components with
the handles covered in plas-
tic grip that is comfortable
and slip-resistant.
The VT200 tool is also
made out of high-quality
steel components with slip-
resistant handle covers. This
tool can work with larger „F“
connectors that have higher
compression depths.
Thanks to the removable
„F“ connector holder, this
tool can also be used with
„F“ connectors that have
21mm (0.8-inch) compres-
sion depths.
Overall we here at TELE-
audiovision enjoyed taking a
closer look at PerfectVision‘s
assortment of „F“ connectors
and installation tools. The
old saying, „Quality Comes
at a Price“, is really only par-
tially true here. Thanks to
larger production quantities,
PerfectVision is able to pro-
vide high-quality products at
comparatively lower prices,
and that of course makes the
end user very happy.
The PV6UE-05 is suitable
for use in the 2 MHz to 3
GHz range and its shielding
is rated at more than -90dB.
EUR: These connectors were
designed for professional
applications involving the
use of quad-shielded coax
cable. There are differences
between the two: to start
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