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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 03-04/2014
the snowball effect as practiced by Hwa-
dar: The more focus is placed on quality,
the more customers will consider fiber-
glass dishes.
Professional customers have done
that for some time already, but now
even private end users begin to shift the
focus of their attention to quality. This in
turn means demand for smaller dishes
is on the rise as well, a more than wel-
come development for a company like
So how can you obtain a high-quality
SMC satellite dish from Hwadar ? Do you
need to be a wholesale organisation or
distributor ordering truckloads worth
of dishes? Well, requests like that are
certainly very welcome, but the sales
department will be happy to deal with
smaller inquiries as well. After all, just
like a snowball starts with only a handful
of snow.
“Even a minor initial job can lead to
more substantial follow-up orders at a
later stage,” says Monica Wang, Busi-
ness Supervisor for international con-
tacts. Monica will be happy to receive
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