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03-04/2014 —
TELE-audiovision International —
1. Three Hwadar heavy-duty presses. The one on the left is a 2,500-ton
press, the one in the centre is a 1,500-ton press and the smaller one is a
500-ton press.
2. The presses seen here are used by Hwadar for smaller satellite
dishes and various small components. Each of those 15 presses at the
Hwadar production facility operates with a 315-ton pressing force.
3. 900 kg of source material on a palette from Zheng Shi Group.
4. The palette consists of endless SMC mats. The material comes with a
thickness of 3 mm, is heated to 150°C and then pressed into the mould.
5. Quality check of freshly pressed SMC dish segment. Three of these
segments add up to create a 2.4 m antenna.
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