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(Sao Paulo)
TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 03-04/2014
Serving Brazilian
DTH Providers
Large satellite TV operators with
branded reception equipment usually
outsource the actual procurement and
manufacturing of products such as satel-
lite antennas, LNBs, cables and receivers
to independent third-party companies.
All technical specifications are drawn up
by the providers, with external manufac-
turers being then responsible for deliv-
ering products that meet those precise
requirements. As far as the huge mar-
ket of Brazil is concerned, TELE System
has become the supplier of choice for all
major Brazilian pay TV operators. Such
a huge success could not be achieved
overnight, and to find out how TELE Sys-
tem has developed into such a dominant
market player we travelled to Jundiai.
This is where TELE System is renting
large warehouse facilities
in a very modern industrial
Marco Szili is the General
Manager of TELE System Elec-
tronic do Brasil, and he is our
first point of contact for learning
more about the company. “TELE
System was originally founded as a
manufacturer of satellite dishes in Italy,
back in 1989. By 1997 export of satel-
lite antennas to Brazil had reached vol-
umes that called for the establishment
of an affiliate branch in Sao Paulo, even
though at the time it only consisted of a
warehouse.” Things turned exciting from
there, beginning with in-house produc-
tion of satellite antennas in Brazil all the
way to then moving antenna production
to China and Malaysia.
Right from the very beginning TELE
System has always made a point of of-
fering full-scale systems as a one-stop-
provider. This is how the company even-
tually came into touch with the country’s
major pay TV providers, a development
that ultimately propelled TELE System
right into top position for this particular
market segment. General Manager Mar-
Marco Szili is the
General Manager
of TELE System
Electronic do Brasil.
The packaging for a
complete reception
system for one of
Brazil’s pay TV
providers can be seen
in the background.
Both the individual
composition of the
sets and the products
themselves come
from TELE System.
Logistics and Satellite Products Provider, Brazil
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