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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 03-04/2014
co Szili runs down a list of his customers
for us: “We supply reception systems to
Sky, Claro, GVT and Oi here in Brazil.”
And to also set the figures straight, Mar-
co Szili has the subscription numbers for
each of those four providers. “Sky has
a customer base of more than five mil-
lion, Claro more then three million, Oi
has some 800,000 subscribers and more
than half a million watch GVT.”
While GVT may have the smallest sub-
scriber base of the four, it offers a cut-
ting-edge advantage. Jonathan Gregory,
head of Engineering and Operations,
has the details: “We developed a special
switch for changing between satellite
reception and IPTV on behalf of GVT.”
And what’s that all about? “GVT offers
content over both satellite and IPTV,
and since all subscribers are connected
to both systems anyway, GVT receivers
come with a rather unique feature: As
soon as there is a problem with the satel-
lite signal – during heavy rain, for exam-
ple – the receiver automatically switches
over to IPTV reception.” What a clever
feature, with TELE System Electronic do
Brasil a major development partner.
Looking into the future, TELE System
Electronic do Brasil is mildly optimistic,
even though there’s no point in deny-
ing the current state of affairs. Quanti-
ties will decrease, that much is for sure.
Quality and service, on the other hand,
Visitors are greeted
by the TELE System
TELE System Electronic do Brasil rents three large
warehouses in this industrial estate. A total of 6,500
square meters are available to the company.
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