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03-04/2014 —
TELE-audiovision International —
are two driving forces that should be
able to counter lower production vol-
umes and make sure the company
stays ahead of the competition. Gen-
eral Manager Marco Szili digs a little
deeper for us: “Currently, some 80%
of our turnover is generated with pay
TV providers, 12% come from inde-
pendent retailers and installers, and
the remaining 8% are sourced from
trading, mainly with terrestrial ISDB-
TB receivers.” In Brazil, analog ter-
restrial TV will be phased out between
2015 and 2018. “We expect increased
demand for ISDB-TB receivers dur-
ing that period,” states Marco Szili.
“We’re very flexible in everything we
do, and we have changed our strate-
gy and our product line-up more than
once in the past to remain the leader
of the pack.” Marco Szili is convinced
that future challenges and constantly
changing technical requirements will
also be met with continued success.
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